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Dapper Watch Winders, a job interviewIt is been a while coming…That it was April when I was at San Diego together the ability to meet some fellow watch enthusiasts over some IPA's over a Friday night.  We published a meeting with Erik Akin of DECAMP Items which struck a chord with numerous our readers.  Today, we'll look into the very last interview from my Hillcrest visit.  This time, though, we'll target a different kind of accessory: the watch winder.For being fair, I don't possess a watch winder, that's primarily because which i seek to change replica watches daily also it, umm, takes us a amount of time to return around to your given piece.  That isn't to convey, though, i always do not see the.  Honestly, which is no joke, while i get certainly one of my vintage Rolex pieces, I'd swear i'm always between 14 and 16 days from the cyclops through the date I want.  That i wear a bad date, however that bothers me, therefore i obtain the good thing about a watch winder.Also, and perhaps more germane towards the article, We are often asked by friends about where to buy a reasonable watch winder.  Granted, these friends are not die-hard collectors, but they also may own 2-3 replica watches and in addition they simply like the idea of an winder garmin watches .  Well, Now i possess a suggestion for them.  Naturally, eBay and Amazon sell numerous winders and although those are wonderful shopping sites for a number of things, the winder selection has my head spinning and you will find highly disparate comments on many models.  So, you will want to support a true watch enthusiast which will actually speak with you with regards to the model that best suits your collection?  If sounds appetizing, there's an answer for you personally.  Read more and discover about one of many "good guys" with this hobby and the business: Dapper Watch Winders.FW: What's your name and where will you be based?Emil Cajucom situated in California from Los angeles to Los Angeles. FW: What's your company as well as what form of products do you sell? How would you produce the name?I operate a web based watch winders and watch box local store as Dapper Watch Winders.The name is primarily inspired using a man that we unfortunately never met: my grandfather. While growing up, my parents would figure out that my work ethic, style and personality were very similar to his. For several years, and even today, I love wearing vintage fashion, from hats, vintage shoes to vintage replica watches. Wearing those certain things is reflecting who I am precisely what I prefer to do. Sometimes on vintage cars, motorcycles and luxuriate in most things that is "gentlemanly" popular and as well old things that are mechanical. As I've grown older, a lot more people started saying i always was "dapper" although I truly didn't understood madness of it at that time. One day, though, I became going through some old photos of my grandfather and saw which he was obviously the concept of a "dapper gent"; masculine, humble, respectful and charming. Consequently, I fell crazy about the saying.FW: Why do you start this company and why would prospective customers give it a look vs buying some other place?The organization started a couple of years as i had gotten into vintage watch collecting, which was around 2008. I had created postponed another hobbies (i.e cars, motorcycles, vintage road bikes) to find yourself in something a tad bit more different and unique: horology. I started going to thrift stores and swap meets to try to find vintage automatic or mechanical watches. When engaging in these kind of replica watches, there exists one particular stuff that collectors and watch hunters will notice; some replica watches will lose or gain time, specially when it's not on the individual's wrist (whether it's an automatic). That's when I wanted a watch winder. As my collection grew, so did how many "dual watch winders" which were on my own dresser. With the purchase of and selling certain replica watches, I liked understanding that the pieces worked which kept accurate time, however it was difficult to only need one watch within the wrist (or two if you use the other), so a watch winder was obviously a great investment in my opinion. While going to my nearby watchmaker Specialists should they had any watch winders (particularly a "quad watch winder") to offer and so they had informed me "no"; then came light bulb. I decided to create a website devoted to just watch winders and watch boxes so i even personally meet other enthusiasts and watch makers to advertise my online shop and products. Dapper Watch Winders is a pretty new site, established in December 2013, as well as the products being sold are affordable and are avalable that has a manufacturer's one year warranty. The merchandise on my small site originate from Eilux, Versa, Boxy and Bey-Berk with even more luxury watch winders still to come. My customers can send an email directly via email, or by telephone, i personally discuss the run-down and excellence of the merchandise i carry. I'm hoping in the near future to produce my very own personal winder and watch box, nevertheless the blue prints continue to be made.Finished . I must say i love about selling watch winders, web directly, is the fact I get to interact with along with them personally about horology along with vintage hobbies. That's and also the reason why my opportunity is exclusive; I'm fashionable watch geek myself rather than just a company or salesman in the market to generate income by selling a product or service a I wouldn't use myself.FW: How can you interact with customers? I talk with customers primarily through email and perhaps through Instagram (@dapper_watch_winders) & Twitter (@DapperWatchWndrs), however also take care of my customers face-to-face, to be a number of my products are bought in local watch stores, pawn shops and jewelry stores.FW: Will you work globally with customers?I'm able to arrange business with customers internationally, but I primarily deal with domestic U.S transactions as a result of manufacturers and shipping reasons. But because my business gets large, Lets hope the international transactions may also grow.FW: How can customers get hold of you? Customers can reach me via email: emil@dapperwatchwinders.com or via Instagram (@dapper_watch_winders) & Twitter (@DapperWatchWndrs)FW: Personally, what got you into replica watches along with what types of replica watches would you collect?While maturing, I always loved replica watches. I enjoyed my Casio Calculator watch that my mother bought me back 3rd grade. We used it primarily for the function: a device that helped me to with my good ol' math homework. Then, I had been given a Timex in 4th & 5th grade. It stood a nice green luminous light i loved using at nighttime understanding that chronograph feature was adopted by my local freinds i once we ran laps around the school ground to find out who was simply fastest. Quite a while later on in 1999, my older brother bought us a red G-Shock rolex 455b , which I wore religiously. That it was regarded as unbreakable and this skateboarders could crash and fall on the watch without damaging it; trust me it's true. (Haha). Then came my Adidas Originals watch collection, primarily because I had been influenced by the vintage type of Run-DMC and their classic Adidas Originals. Then, as fate might say, I acquired into vintage and higher-end replica watches in 2007-2008, after i started purchasing random vintage pieces in the thrift stores and swap meets. I had created purchased my earliest "high-end" vintage watch, a 70's Omega Deville, when graduating from college which is when the watch bug bit me. I love all sorts of replica watches, on the other hand primarily collect uncomplicated dialed gentleman's vintage pieces which simply possess the business name developed in its original text slightly under the 12 o'clock hour. I quite like collecting brands for instance Girard Perregaux, Jaeger LeCoultre, Rolex and Omega gentleman's timepieces, however totally have chronographs and divers pieces inside the collection likewise.FW: Currently, what's your best watch and why? My current favorite would probably be my 1959 Rolex Air King Super Precision Ref. 5500 Cal. 1530 Gilt Dial. In my experience, it's simplicity at its finest. I love the sword hands and also the simple text, that gilt dial and also you can dress the watch down or as much as your preference. Again, I'm a simple guy and I love simple classic pieces.FW: Last question, you hail from San diego, ca. What on earth is North park (along with perhaps SoCal generally) like to be a watch collecting community?Received from Socal, We are truly blessed with the diversity of cultures and hobbies that live in the vicinity. I have had the opportunity join and experience different backgrounds of art, music, sports and hobbies which may have now poured into the watch collection; it's just like developing a life story through replica watches. This really is nice to see we now have others like myself that I can get in touch with via watch forums and, nowadays, Instagram, watches that is worldwide. I currently attend local get-togethers along with other watch aficionados within the La and Los angeles areas known as the "LA Watch Gang". Together with that local gang of horology fans I truly enjoy learning and sharing other watch talks using the local watch makers, retail sellers, and vintage boutique shop keepers.